Two Mollys and a Joluvian

Here are three young artists who have managed to earn a living as scribes. With hand-drawn calligraphy, they take it to the next level with digitalization and the creation of fonts. One would think the genesis of their work was digital, because their figures are so evenly handled, but you'll see in the videos, that most of the work is done by hand and only slightly tweaked digitally, where they manage to keep the organic individuality of their work.

Calligraphy & Digital Fusion 1: 

Molly Suber Thorpe, out of Boston, shares her vision on her website, Plurabelle. It is astounding when you see her co-ordination skills and confidence first hand in her teaching video:

Molly Jacques, from Detroit, has a comely look to her work and also teaches workshops. I like the way she manages to cluster her lettering together to make a textured and contained "mark". I'm all about shapes:

Joluvian is from south of the Equator, and a Master Calligrapher. He is über-versatile stylistically and a consummate mark-and-shape maker. Here, he shares the tools he uses and goes from the actual drawing board to a vector program.

Amaz-balls all!