Back to the task at hand...

...the artist's hand that is, a theme I'm going to focus quite a bit, as while many of us transitioned from traditional mediums in the late 80's to the digital world, we continue to appreciate hand-written notes, natural light and eraser crumbs. The irony of the spate of Photoshop tutorials on learning how to distress images is not lost on me and is up there with whiskered jeans.

I was out walking the other day and saw this hand-painted house plaque and was able to get up close. It is carefully and beautifully painted. The wall isn't smooth either but has some tooth that probably affords the artist a degree of control. It's a vertical surface as well, - did the artist use a mahl stick? Most likely.

You can see that the touch-up paint is a little lighter than the original, and can't miss the amount of control the artist had. Beautiful! 



Now, the above sample is very tightly executed and I appreciate this type of control because it has been my style as well in some areas of my work, but those aren't always the kind of samples I will show you. In the next few posts, I will bring you other wonderful and diverse mark-makers.